Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break Highlights #2

Reading material:
(I'm re-reading this title as I'll be teaching it in the next unit)
(An article in a magazine featuring Bryant Terry recipes!)
A few items ingested over yesterday and today:

My first Reuben sandwich!
(I visited SubCulture for the first time, and ordered the Veggie Reuben. I asked them to make the necessary substitutions for a vegan version. It was messy, warm, and pretty good.  But I love veggie sandwiches- and they have so many kinds! - that I'll be back to try other sandwiches in the future.)

Remy had two walks today, and for the second one we walked around LoDo (Lower Downtown).
(Cherry Creek)
(view from the pedestrian bridge -as seen in first photo - looking east towards downtown)

(There are other locations of the Tattered Cover, but this location is the best.)
For Molly:
As a reminder: five days ago, I was snowed in.  Colorado is known for having 300+ days of sunshine a year, and as you can see - the sun has melted it all.

I'll see you this weekend for the third (and sadly, the final) installment of Spring Break Highlights! I hope your day is going well!


  1. I'm glad the weather has improved for you! You're so lucky that the snow melted so fast. We still have quite a bit of it here. Colorado's fast recovery from snow and the many days of sunshine are a few of the reasons why it's still somewhere we're considering living. We just love it there!

    Is it your first reuben ever, vegan & pre-vegan? I never had one until after I went vegan and just love them. I never would have eaten one before I went vegan. Yours looks great!

    The older style buildings are great and I love the wall mural! They really need to put that kind of stuff up more in cities, IMO. :) Thanks so much for posting it!

    Do you have to go back to work right away on Monday or do classes resume on Tuesday? I hope you enjoy your remaining break!

    1. Yes, it finally feels like spring! I hope we just have rain from now till November. We'd love to have you here, feel free to move anytime! :)

      It was my first reuben ever! Even in my omni days, I didn't care much for meat. It was good, but I really love veggies in my sandwich so I'd probably ask for them to be added or try one of their many other options.

      I'm already planning neighborhood excursions for the future, and I'm saving for a "real" camera. Hopefully by the summer, so I can so this state some justice!

      I'm back on Monday as a planning day, but the students don't return until Tuesday. April is ALWAYS the longest month of the year, so I'm happy to have it be one day less. ;)

  2. Oooh lots of great stuff happening here! Love that the weather has improved for your break and that you and Remy got out for two walks! It looks like you certainly had beautiful scenery to look at as well. I love the name of the book store, too cute! Very cool mural too!

    The food all looks great! The bagel has me all craving carbs now and I still can't find that chai! No locations near me it seems. Wah! What a great looking sandwich! Sometimes the messy ones are best ;) I've never had a reuben in my life so seeing them in the blogosphere has me so curious! Yours looks great!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! I hope it goes slow for you (but fast for me, ha!). Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. And Remy got a big hike today (pictures tomorrow!), so between all of the walks and my return to bodyweight workouts - we're all feelin' it! It was a beautiful day, I just wish I had your photography skills. ;)

      I'm so sad about the chai. I thought you and Shen were going to able to try it! I guess we just have to wait for the brand to expand. I was completely inspired to try a reuben, and in my mind it's all about the sauerkraut! I'd love to add more veggies to it, and check out their other sandwiches.

      It is not going slowly! Aaaah! I don't want to go back to work! Ha ha

  3. Well, I lost my comment and I am not going to retype it all. It was my condolences on your first Reuben experience. I think if you had a really great one now, you one enjoy it.

  4. Definite approval of the reading material! And I've still never got around to making grits...