Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Old & Some New

Two more waffles left in this box - might be time to take a break, and have something different for breakfast.  Ha!
In an effort to use up what's around, I steamed a healthy amount of broccoli and cauliflower and doused them with the rest of my homemade yellow curry.
Really, really good.  One of the best unintentional, not thought out meals I've created to date.  Even a co-worker was eyeing my lunch.

Also by accident, I stumbled upon one lonely brown rice tortilla hiding in the freezer.  It joined a slice of the aseptic tofu that was hiding in the cupboard, making an old favorite: the tofu scramble.
I'm starting to lean towards the beige category again - time to amp up the vegetables!  And workouts. ;)
Hope you've had a great week!


  1. Waffles are so good, I have definitely gone days in a row eating them for breakfast. Yum!! Sounds like a great way to cook your cauliflower and broccoli and how great that you had a coworker eyeing your lunch :) I love when people get jealous of my vegan meals!

    The brown rice tortilla and tofu scramble is one of my favorite meals and yours always looks so delicious. looking forward to seeing your workouts! Happy Friday to you!! Well tomorrow, ha!

    1. Yes! It's very validating for people who normally say, "so, what can you eat?" to look longingly at my lunch. Ha!

      Me, too - and it has been a while since I had a nice scramble and tortilla. Today my workout will be shoveling, and cleaning the house. :( I wanted to head to the gym for some cardio, but everyone is freaking out and closing down because of the foot of snow slowly falling.

  2. The sauce looks so pretty on the broccoli & cauliflower! I can see why your co-worker was eyeing up your food. Mike & I get that a lot at work, too. :)

    It's really easy to slip into that beige category of food during the winter, isn't it? I find myself doing that far too much.

    I'm totally craving a waffle now.....

    1. The curry was so good, I'm going to make it again this weekend. I am trying to fight the beige as best I can! It is difficult!

  3. I see some green peeking through the Curry Sauce and Tofu sSramble. Any Tofutti Cream Cheese in that Scramble?

  4. Replies
    1. Yes! Tofutti, spinach, onion, tumeric, and Cholula hot sauce.

      A little spinach and a little broccoli - but I need more!