Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Adjustment: still in progress, almost acclimated to this schedule and routine.

Fitness: still in hit and miss, but not trying to feel guilty about it.

Food: still the same good stuff from Sunday's prep!

Lunch twice: Unfried rice

Dinner once and lunch once: Zucchini Fritters

Dinner twice: Avocado tacos with peach salsa (on white corn tortillas).

Lastly, I'm headed out the door to meet a friend at Menchie's (not that I need an excuse, but I have a BOGO that expires in two days.  Reason enough, right? Ha!).  Have a great night!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Prep

I didn't do as much cooking as originally hoped last week, so I made sure to set aside a few hours this afternoon to make it happen.  First up, inspired by Caralyn's Peach Salsa.
Peach, yellow bell pepper, red onion, tomato, and jalapeno. I'll use this salsa on avocado tacos.

Influenced by Shen - as she has made zucchini pancakes in the past, I found this recipe for zucchini fritters.  using half the oil recommended.
Also, from my "inspired by you" post last Sunday - Sarah's Unfried Rice.
This one has green beans, carrots, cabbage, red onion, brown rice, garlic powder, Organic Shoyu, sea salt and pepper.

Now that you've seen the fruit of my labor, here's what I actually ate / did today:
Grape Nuts, Vanilla Almond milk.

1.67 mile walk with Remy.
Field Roast Frank, whole wheat bread, ketchup, mustard.
Watermelon before embarking on my cooking mission.

Zucchini fritters with Tomato Basil Marinara.

Seating charts, syllabus edits, Power Point, emails - oh my! I hope to read a few blogs in between. . .

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Eats

Mocha Frappuccino inspired smoothie: frozen banana, chocolate rice protein powder, spinach and arugula, coffee, splash of almond milk.

Coleslaw mix, peas, cashew cream (soaked cashews, Italian Seasoning, sea salt, pepper, water).
Farmer's Market vegetables (potatoes, green beans, carrots) boiled, Field Roast Frank.

And that's it, folks!  Good night!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adjustment in Progress

Nearly a month ago, I mentioned that I need two weeks to fully adjust to a new schedule.  Adjust I did, as I returned to three weeks of conferences / meetings / trainings.  This week, another new schedule - the schedule that will be my life as teacher for this year - and another round of "two weeks".  Once adjusted, I'll add morning workouts back into the mix.  For now, it'll be whatever I can do - when I can.

The biggest victory of the day was that I actually managed to photograph my food.

Grape Nuts with unsweetened almond milk; Salad rolls with peanut sauce; (unpictured handful of dried fruit and nut trailmix, a few carrots with garlic hummus); Sarah-inspired zucchini boats; fresh peach.

P.S.  This is the first night I've actually cooked this week (all previous meals via Whole Foods, with the exception of breakfast). I made lunch for tomorrow, so I'll be back with another post then.  Good night!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Farmer's Market Meal Plans

Today's post is credited to Farmer's Market #2 and You.

 I was inspired by Molly's post showing home grown produce, and realized how lucky it would be to have such great food at our fingertips! One day I hope to have such a garden.  In the meantime, I will support my local growers.  The zucchini shown above will convert into Sarah's Zucchini Boats and a Shen-inspired zucchini cake/pancake.
 Caralyn has used red bell pepper in a lot of gorgeous dishes from tacos to salsas to salads - now I just need to pick one to try (which will be hard to do!).  I'm also considering a vegetable fajita / stir fry - suggestions welcome!
 I know Miss Rachel is a fan of green beans, and I've been looking over how she's prepped them to get some good ideas.  I'll be chopping up the green beans, carrots, and red onion to use in Sarah's Unfried Rice, too!
Shen and I have a love affair with potatoes, so I'll be sure to roast a couple in honor of her.  Caralyn posted a homemade tomato sauce that I'm dying to try!
All of these (huge) peaches will be eaten raw, which would make Maud very happy.  :)

Today's total: $11

Thank you, everyone, for being so inspiring!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Working Saturday

Frozen banana, pb, unsweetened almond milk.
 I went in to school for a little over four hours this morning.  Students arrive on Monday, and I don't know how prepared I feel.  Happily, I am calm and have full faith that our team is amazing!  We'll be using the day for a "Welcome" with an in-school scavenger hunt and mini prep-rally - amongst other activities.

For the rest of the day, I had a plan: go to Whole Foods and buy enough for two meals.  Go home and mind-numb with my Hulu queue.  The plan is going well. :)

Also, Asian Sesame Almond Cabbage Salad and Broccoli Cabbage Slaw.  Apparently, I wanted cabbage.
For dinner:
 Tofu Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce (Sriracha swirl).
Sesame Noodles with Cucumber.

Pretty excited about not working (too much) tomorrow (from home).  Happy Weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mean and Green

The day started off with a trip to the doctor for routine blood work.  As they had asked me to fast, I was only drinking water in the morning.  Apparently, it was not enough water - two different nurses and multiple pokes in arms and top of hands later - they couldn't get a steady vein.  $45 dollar co-pay, no blood drawn to show for it, and a bruised hand.  I know I have small veins, do any of you have this problem?

Activity: six trips up two and a half flights of stairs carrying boxes, and a two mile walk with Remy this evening.

Food:  Started with a spinach, arugula, frozen banana, frozen pineapple, two dates, water.
Lunch: a co-worker friend mentioned she wanted to try Civic Center Eats (which I went to in June).  I knew that the Vegan Van would be there, so I was definitely interested.
 Click on the picture to read today's menu.  I had the Rock Steady salad and added sietan.  She suggested tossing it in spicy wing sauce, naturally I agreed.  I'm so sad I couldn't finish it (no boxes and no fridge at work - yet).  That's a black iced coffee to the right, and my owl bag to the back.
Dinner didn't have any green to it, but it was "green" as I used local produce to make it happen.  Frankfurter Succotash:  corn, tomato, potato (Farmer's Market), nooch, Field Roast Frank.
Even though the day had a dark cloud of frustration at my body's lack of cooperation and the nurses incompetency, my meals were pretty great.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From the Top

Monday and Tuesday concluded my training sessions that began on July 26th.  As our 86 year old building was being updated electrically and the furnace tested, we (along with several other schools with heat problems) met in a high school with air conditioning (thanks in part to a bond issue vote and parental support).  They also happen to have a great view of the Denver skyline:
Today was back to reality, moving furniture and unpacking boxes into grade level offices and classrooms.  Good times.  I packed breakfast and snack to go:
 I was out of greens yesterday, so I used half of this packet then - as well as this morning.
 Green Superfood powder, frozen banana, frozen strawberry, unsweetened almond milk.

Storytime: Back in July, I worked with my principal on writing a grant.  We made it to the second level.  A group of us changed into classy clothes and went in to "interview" with the grant board members. Cross your fingers.  None of us packed a lunch, and agreed upon Chipotle.
I am now fully rehearsed:  when they say, "cheese and sour cream" - I respond with "no, thank you.  Guacamole and lots and lots of lettuce."  Awesome.  

I was so filled with lettuce, that I had to save it - and ate the other third for dinner.  :)  Along with artichoke spinach hummus, and veggies.
This evening I plan to take a shower, quickly followed by lots and lots of sleeping.  Another day of "moving in" tomorrow.  See you tomorrow!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back To It

One mile of running intervals, and a two mile walk.  My alignment seems pretty close to normal, but I'll still need to massage or adjust it back in place sometime soon.

Breakfast smoothie:  fresh peach, frozen banana, spinach, vanilla almond milk.
Lunch: coleslaw mix, fresh broccoli, cashew cream (soaked cashews, seasonings, water).
Dinner: Corn on the cob x 2, the remaining Gardein BBQ Pulled Shreds doctored up with Kansas City BBQ sauce and Cholula. 
 I also cooked up the remaining corn I purchased last week from the Farmer's Market (tip: leave it in its husk in the crisper drawer, and it stays fresh longer). Rachel had asked about how to remove corn from the cob:
My method is cook the corn for 10 minutes, pull it out and allow to cool.  Break the cobs into halves, stand a cob on its end, and with a sharp knife cut along the seam where the core meets the corn.  That's it!  Fresh corn for use in other dishes or send it to the freezer!

Is anyone else sad that the Olympics are over?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Simple Saturday

A little later, the peach was followed by an unpictured piece of whole wheat toast with pb.

Lunch time:  I like these better than the salad rolls with tofu.

Using up one of my Chipotle coupons, so you can guarantee there will be chips and guacamole tomorrow for snacking.

Back to physical activity and actually cooking in my kitchen tomorrow! ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012


Happy Friday, everyone! The last three days were filled with more meetings, and today could have been a work day, moving in and arranging office / classroom, etc.  However, we were advised of the "dangerous conditions" in the building due to another high temperature day outside, and. . . wait for it, . . . they needed to test the furnace. That's right - turn on the heat.  I think you all know me enough to realize that I didn't go in.

Let's talk about my day so far:

I was just mentioning to Sarah, how I always try things again - hoping they've improved or changed at the Whole Foods hot bar - only to realize I could make a better version at home!  It was alright, not horrible.

Followed by a mile and a quarter walk.  Due to all of the sitting in meetings over the last two weeks (and not stretching my hips and quads), I've noticed that my back and hip are out of alignment.  Thus, I went in to see my chiropractor.  She had me get on the table, and immediately said - "how have you been able to walk?!".  I guess I was overdue for an adjustment!  Luckily, I was "told" to get a massage to work out knots in my hips, and I'll probably have to go back in next week to be fully snapped back into place.  It all makes sense that I've been hesitant to jog recently, since I've been feeling off - and I literally was offset!

Banana Split Smoothie (minus pineapple): frozen strawberry, frozen banana, spinach, chocolate rice protein powder, and vanilla almond milk.

Early this evening I'll be going to a big gathering with my former colleagues, and will snack on veggies and fruit.  I'm planning on avoiding the chips/crackers and salsa/guacamole/hummus sections, as I've been too indulgent in those items recently.  And in an effort to avoid those temptations, I'll only have one drink.  Or two. ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with more content, promise!  Have a great rest of the day! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Seeking: Hope

I'm mad at myself for not getting a workout in this morning, even a walk would've been good.  Definitely learned my lesson, as we are still battling through near 100 degree heat every single day this week, I need to get my activity in early.

At least breakfast was delicious:  fresh peach, frozen banana, fresh spinach, vanilla almond milk.
 The "grumpies" (a.k.a. my attitude) continued as I went to my new school, and (along with my colleagues) was overwhelmed at the physical state of the building.  File cabinet-old desk-chair mountains in the hallways and classrooms.  Stuff that required a dolly to move, not humans  (which we don't have).  It is an historic, beautiful building - but dirty, dusty, and close to 100 degrees inside (and still dealing with construction projects).  We had a three hour meeting, followed by an inventory of the massive tasks ahead.  I left completely soaked with sweat (sorry - TMI).

For lunch: remaining Sweet and Spicy Cucumber salad, and. . .
 Field Roast Frank, on whole wheat - ketchup and yellow mustard.
In the afternoon, I made Cheezy Kale Chips, ate way too many, and couldn't get a decent picture to turn out. *Grumble, grumble*

Dinner: Avocado-Farmer's Market-Succotash (minus beans, which usually appear in a succotash).
The only items not from the Farmer's Market were the avocado and sea salt.  Everything else was: red onion, tomato, corn, potatoes.  Mixed up the first four items mentioned while I boiled the corn and potatoes.  I cut the corn off the cob, and along with the potatoes, added them to the mix.

Sarah has tagged me in the Hope 2012 Blog Relay.  As you can tell from my "grumpy" day, this is an appropriate topic.  To me, hope means opportunity.  An opportunity to change, to grow, to better one's station in life.  If you are hopeless, you are stuck, immobile, desperate.  I (you) always have the opportunity to go/do/be somewhere or someone else. Happiness, a better job, running a half marathon is all possible!  Do you "hope" to accomplish ___________ by ______?  You have hope about it, now give yourself the opportunity to make it happen.

I was kind of speaking to myself there at the end, but perhaps something resonated with you as well.  Everyone who I would have tagged, has been tagged!  But if you haven't commented before, but have landed on my blog a few times - consider yourself tagged. ;)

To everyone else, thank you for reading!