Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Travelogue Part One

Sunday afternoon: no rivers, no woods, but fields to grandma (and grandpa's) house we went.
Upon arrival, I had most of the homemade soup I brought (seen here).
Christmas Eve: toasted onion bagel, tofu scramble (kale, red pepper, shallot - I also brought nooch, tumeric, and sea salt, which is also in the scramble).  FYI: you'll be seeing this scramble appear for breakfast every day I was there, so get used to it. ;)
This is one of the few small towns in America that doesn't have a single big box retailer.  Their (one) grocery store is named after the guy who opened it.  What they do have is a plethora of antique stores.  Here everyone knows your name (cue "Cheers" theme).  We talked to the owner of this shop for at least 15 minutes.
One day I will own a desk like this: (minus knick-knacks)
It has three secret compartments.  If this wood could talk. . .

For lunch I put together the Asian Chopped Salad 

I also had Chex Mix thanks to the small town being out of Worcestershire sauce.  Woo hoo!
The afternoon was spent being quintessentially Christmas: listening to Bing Crosby and trimming the tree.
Notice that Remy is "vacuuming" in the kitchen.
Grandma likes to use homemade ornaments, here are two of my favorites:

I knew we'd head to my aunt and uncle's farm after church, so I threw together my dinner to take along:
kale-potato-avocado salad, and some of the leftovers from lunch.
To end part one, a shot of my aunt and uncle's holiday decorating:
I think it's really beautiful.  Tomorrow I'll have pictures from Christmas day (including four furries - woo hoo!) and a quick recap of our return today.  I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight! Thanks for reading!


  1. I do love a good tofu scramble. I'd be happy with that one for brekkie every day. And that potato kale salad.

    That view looks a lot nicer than the one out of my window this Christmas!

    1. It was definitely a holiday filled with kale and tofu scrambles. Good stuff! I'd love to see out your window, feel free to post that British beauty any time!

  2. That's pretty cool that there's no big box retailer there. We really love frequenting smaller, local stores.

    Looks like you had a delicious and wonderful time. I especially love Remy being the vacuum in the background. Cuteness! :)

    1. Yes, it's a cute town but unfortunately it has been dwindling since my mother and her siblings grew up there. I hope it doesn't end up a ghost town.

      Cuteness definitely abounds with all of the pups!

  3. Welcome home!! I have to agree, your aunt and uncle decorate so beautifully! It is so homey and cozy and festive. I love it! Your grandma's tree looks beautiful too! And Remy is too cute!!!

    The tofu scramble looks delicious, I don't blame you for eating it every day ;) The salads look lovely too, and hooray for vegan chex mix!! Looks like you had a really healthy holiday too! I wish I had stayed more virtuous in that sense but tis the season haha. Can't wait to see part 2!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Wait till you see these other cute pups. In the words of my cousin "Christmas threw up all over our house." I thought it looked great. ;)

      I am recovering from chex mix overload, and dairy free chocolate bars (from my stocking), so it wasn't all healthy. Ha!

  4. Excellent slice of Americana. Glad to hear it's still around for when I finally get my RV and drive through 'flyover' country.

    How was your 'Tofu' and 'Kale' perceived at mealtimes? Very exotic/hippyish/rebellious?

    1. Thanks, Shen. I look forward to your roadtrip, whenever it may be. Maybe the whole country will be Wi-Fi serviced, and you will be able to update from the road. ;)

      No one pays attention to me anymore. They do still offer me whatever they are serving, and I have to decline over and over again.