Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

Homemade breakfast burrito, looks bigger than it actually was - that's a side plate under the medium sized tortilla.
 Tofu, medium salsa, garlic powder, spinach, Better Than Cream Cheese and Cholula.
Lunch was a serving of the Asian Cabbage Salad I picked up yesterday from Whole Foods, and
 I tried to make Sarah's Cheesy Cauliflower Patties, but they ended up being more of a hash.  Ha! Still really good, I just don't have the talent to form them into patties.  Also, I added green onion just because I had some that needed to be used.
I didn't have a stand alone dinner, seeing as I had two peanut butter cookies (from yesterday) and a lot of kale chips throughout the afternoon.  Speaking of kale chips, here's how I made them. . .
 Wash, dry, and tear a large bunch of kale.  Prepare the cashew cheese sauce.  I use this recipe, and double the amount of cashews I soak so I can make more kale chips another day, without having the forethought to soak nuts overnight.  Or I use the extra sauce on pasta.

Pour the sauce and toss.
 This is a little painstaking, in terms of attention to detail, as each piece of kale needs to be laid out separately.
But four to five hours later, you have these:

Remy and I also did our two mile loop, which we frequented over the summer.  Having me home really puts a kink is his napping patterns.
It looks like he's missing his front paws, but he has them tucked under, T-Rex style.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. Aww sweet Remy! Love that he sleeps T Rex style, that is way too cute! I bet he loves having his mommy home all the time now :)

    What a great food day! I love breakfast burritos and yours looks great! Believe it or not my WFs has actually carried that salad before and it was so good! Yours looks nice and fresh.

    I'm so glad that you tried the patties! Sorry they didn't stay together for you. Did you mash it enough? Mine resembled mashed potatoes so it came together pretty easily. The hash looks yummy though, hope you liked it! :) Love the kale chip tutorial :) SOunds like a great vacation so far!

    1. I think he likes it, minus the lack of regular napping. He definitely loves the longer walks!

      With cabbage season around the corner, I might have to try to make it myself. It sure is delicious!

      I probably didn't mash them well enough. Regardless, they were so good! I still have some leftover.

  2. Yep, definitely a terrific Tuesday by my reckoning! Is that a dehydrator (excuse the ignorance here)? Reckon you could make kale chips on a low oven instead?

    I really like the look of the cauliflower cheese patties - hash or no hash!

    1. Yes, that is a dehydrator! I tried making kale chips in the oven twice, and they never tried to right consistency. I'm borrowing my dad's dehydrator until he misses it. ;)

      Sarah's recipe is so good, you should try it!

  3. Any recipe with the word 'painstaking' is not for me.

    Love to see Remy earning his keep.

    1. Ha ha! They are quite worth it. :)

      He does his best, as do your own I imagine!

  4. I'm jealous of you being able to be at home with Remy for so long! That would be heaven for me.

    Your kale chips sound incredible. Yum!

    1. It's so nice! I would love to work from home, and maybe only report to a classroom once a week. Ha! We are loving it.

      I love kale chips! Have a great holiday, Molly!