Saturday, November 3, 2012

Relaxed Saturday

I haven't had a Saturday all to myself (and Remy!) in a couple of weeks.  Not to mention, I am so happy to have an extra hour of sleep tonight! Hooray!

Happenings: dropped off my ballot, visited my parents, took a long walk with a friend and her dog (the very same one who stayed over last weekend), and a short nap.  Good stuff.

Chocolate Covered Katie's Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

I met up with a friend at WaterCourse Foods for lunch.  The artwork is always beautiful - even the ceiling is painting in some parts.
This next shot shows the bakery case (I need to come here just for dessert at some point) from my vantage point on the bench (seen above).  I like that you can see the door and outside reflected in the glass!
This has become my meal when lunching at WaterCourse: the Dona Lee Wrap with double greens (you choose two sides, and I like their balsamic vinaigrette more than their fries).
I've strayed twice from this meal, and regretted it.  The herb crusted seitan is magical - I actually crave it - which is why I selected this spot to meet.  

So full that I went with a light dinner: two tofu spring rolls with peanut sauce.
I would really enjoy living this day again. I'd also like to have an extra hour of sleep inserted into every weekend.  Actually, an extra 24 hours inserted to every weekend would be spectacular.

See you tomorrow!


  1. I have not tried pumpkin oats, but I know the food blog world is ga-ga over them. They do look good. Herb-crusted seitan sounds divine to me too. That must be some pretty special vinaigrette if you like it better than French fries-wow! That peanut sauce actually looks really yummy also.

    I love getting that extra hour too. Enjoy your 25 hour Sunday!

    1. I hope you try them! Baked oatmeal is so good. It really is all about the seitan. I can recreate this meal, minus the seitan and the balsamic. It's the perfect combo of tang in the dressing that makes it so amazing!

      I am loving it! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

  2. OMG that pumpkin baked oatmeal looks so delicious, I'm so jealous! Your wrap looks awesome and I love double greens. A good balsamic vinaigrette is my favorite too so I can totally see why you opted for that :) herb crusted seitan sounds delicious, mmm. Love the art wall, it's so pretty! I can see why you'd choose to meet there.

    Please give Remy an extra snuggle for me :) We had Tyler for a night when my bro had no power because he had no heat either and it was so nice to have him there. He jumped ship when my bro got power back and we didn't haha.

    I enjoyed my extra hour of sleep very much today! I'm with you, an extra 24 hours would be pretty awesome. Can't wait for a day off tomorrow, power would be the icing on the gluten free vegan cake!

    1. I hope you can have oatmeal soon! I am also hoping that you were able to get to the doctor before the storm hit.

      The art is really lovely! It's pretty hipster in there, but I go in for the Dona Lee - it's all I need! Ha!

      Remy has received the extra snuggle, and sends one to you! I bet Tyler was great company, I'm sure he loved having you to around. :)

      I really, really hope the power is back on tonight or tomorrow. It really is ridiculous. I know people lived without it for centuries, but fireplaces and lanterns are not as common! Be safe, stay warm, I'm thinking of you!

  3. Whoo early ballot! Exciting.
    Watercourse does look beautiful inside and the wrap looks awesome too. I'm with Rachel - it's hard for me to pass up fries as a side...
    The tofu wraps look great as well. I always want them when I see them on yr blog but never see them around here!
    Enjoy the sleep. I had totally forgotten!

    1. Now we wait with baited breath for the election results!

      It is really lovely, although it was even better when it was a hole-in-the-wall joint at a different location. It was really cozy, and not so hipster. Luckily, the Dona Lee draws me in!

      No spring rolls?! We need to get some to you immediately!

      I heart sleep.

  4. I can tell you are getting more comfortable taking photos in restaurants. I assume since I've heard of Watercourse Foods that it must be extremely popular mobbed all the time?

    1. I totally waited until the hostess and bartender had left the area for these photos! Ha!

      WaterCourse is packed for brunch on the weekends, otherwise it's pretty reasonable to walk in and get a table in less than 10 minutes. They do have the "we only seat completed parties" rule, so I took the photos while I was waiting for my friend to arrive.

  5. Nice - with you on the extra hour of sleep thing. Is there some sort of United Nations resolution that can get that sorted!

    I'm majorly impressed with Watercourse - if there's a vinaigarette better than fries, it's got to be amazing!

    1. I love the extra hour of sleep! Let's see what we can do to get that started! :)

      The vinaigrette is the best I've ever had - fries I can make at home (well, I can make oven fries...).

  6. Oh, I wish for extra hours too! Sounds so good. The food looks great. I go back and forth between always ordering my favorites at restaurants and trying something new. The "new" never seems to be as good as the faves.

    1. I'd love three day weekends to become a permanent part of life.

      You're absolutely right - stick with the good stuff! :)