Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day Two of Three

Large pancake for one:
 Around lunch time I needed to run an errand, and made it over to Parsley.
 Carrot, apple, and ginger juice.  I watched the gal at the counter juice it, nice and fresh! 
I need to make this a once in a while treat, at nearly $6 for the smaller size - it will add up fast.  I did feel really good about an hour afterwards, and felt really energized.  More on that later.

Woman cannot live on juice alone, so there was my go-to lunch of water crackers, celery, and garlic hummus.
 For dinner, I made tacos: avocado, Daiya shreds, Cholula, and lots of shredded iceberg in white corn hard shells.
Light and crunchy.  I know it looks like just lettuce - but trust me, there was more to it!

Either I'm fast approaching healthy again or the juice gave me a big burst of energy.  I cooked up two new-to-me dishes from Healthy. Happy. Life.  which I've been reading for over a year, but haven't tried many of her recipes.  You'll have to guess what they are until I eat them throughout the week. ;)

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Can I just say how excited I am to not be going to work tomorrow?! Again, my thanks to the Veterans and their service!


  1. Large pancake for one?! Yes please! It looks amazing, yum!!

    That's so great that you made it over to Parsley so quickly! That juice really does look nice and fresh. I'm going to ask my friend to borrow her juicer since she's had it for years and never used it ;) Carrot, apple and ginger sounds like a great combo :) Lunch looks great as always and those tacos look great!! I can't believe I'm about to admit this but I don't think I've ever had a proper hard shelled taco!! I think I need to change this!

    So glad you had more energy!! It's amazing how something as simple as a fresh juice can make you feel so much better. I'm glad you are on the mend :) It looks like you put that energy to use too, great job in the kitchen!

    Enjoy your extra day off!!

    1. I was feeling quite motivated to try Parsley! I wish I had a bigger bank account for a larger kitchen, and a juicer of my own. And a large refrigerator to house all of the produce I would go through. ;) Going there has definitely reminded me about the importance of extra veggies/fruit in my diet. They really do make a huge difference.

      It sounds like we need to get you to a vegan Mexican restaurant - to enjoy a tamale and a hard shelled taco.

      I did! So sad it's over.

  2. I hope it was a Wagon Wheel Pancake!

    Great job keeping an eye on your juice being made. You never know what they might do to your food when you're not looking.

    Enjoy getting up and going back to work tomorrow! Fun is over!

    1. Not quite a wagon wheel, but it was quite filling anyway!

      There were only three customers in there beside myself. After staring at the menu to pass time, I decided to watch her "technique". Ha!

      I don't want to go. Can't it be Thanksgiving break already?