Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early to cheer on my brother as he participated in the Rock 'n Roll Denver Half Marathon.

That's him (the speeding blurr) on the right.  He averaged 8 minute miles, and completed in an 1 hour, 44 minutes.  So incredibly proud of him.
Finish line bananas and Jamba Juice:

 Lots of runners. . .
Both the men's and women's race leaders averaged 5 minute something per mile, and finished in a little over an hour.  That's just crazy!  While all of the natural athleticism in the family landed on my brother, I am going to make it my goal to run it next year.  Time to start adding distance to my running (and start running. . .again).  On the way back to my car, I walked through the Cultural Complex (which houses art museum, etc) I thought of Molly and decided to show you all Colorado cows. . .
I haven't been feeling 100% (probably allergies - I'll be fine), and turned to my sinus clearer:
Tofu Pho - lots of Sriracha added after this photo.  In the evening, I enjoyed a late season peach - so juicy!
 It should also be noted, that Remy supported my brother by attending with me - and he has offered a lot of snuggles this weekend.
 After a busy morning, I had a late lunch - courtesy of Whole Foods.  Asian Almond Slaw and Cucumber Noodles.
I was inspired by Sarah's recent posts including pumpkin, so I decided to make Pumpkin Banana Muffins.
 Originally I planned on making the recipe in Skinny Bitch Everyday Cookbook, but I didn't have coconut oil  or evaporated cane sugar.  After some searching, I found this one that actually uses less sugar and is AMAZING.
These are currently cooling, and will be placed in the freezer so I don't eat them all.  Currently in the oven: cauliflower, dry roasting.  I haven't decided what to make for lunches this week, as our agenda only calls for one long day.

I hope you have had a great weekend!


  1. Your brother is awesome for completing the half marathon! Averaging an 8 minute mile pace is fantastic, too. I'm always amazed at people who average those crazy 5 minute miles. How on earth is that possible?!

    I love the cows! I'm starting to get a lot of comments from others that strange roadside attractions/art and Airstreams makes them think of me. So flattering! :)

    Your sinus clearer looks delicious as does the WF's meal (cucumber noodles? Yum!) and muffins. Anything with pumpkin is great in my book.

    Remy is so adorable. What kind of dog is he? I want to snuggle him and rub his belly. <3

    1. I can bicycle that fast, but not run a five minute mile. :) There are other sculptures around town, but some are really abstract and I don't understand them. Animals, I understand.

      Pumpkin, squash, apples - they will slowly begin to take over the blog! I look forward to seeing a few on your MoFo posts. . right?!

      Remy is a Havachon - Havanese mixed with Bichon. He appreciated the extra belly rub from you!

  2. Every time I see local art/murals now, I think of Molly too.

    Wish the Northern Virginia WFs would confer with the Denver WFs for new ideas. You have such interesting options.

    Congrats to your Brother and give Remy a hug for me. So glad he's not lost.

    1. Let's see if we can arrange a WF hot bar/ prepared food negotiation. Do only go to one WF, or are there others near by?

      Remy and brother have both been hugged. ;)

  3. Wow what an amazing accomplishment for your brother!! It's nice that it was inspiring for you too, I find that I am inspired by others' accomplishments as well and I look forward to tagging along for your training as well! And we finally get to see him too!

    Aww what a handsome boy you had to keep you company! Remy is such a cutiepants, I love when you post pics of him. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well but I'm glad he's there to snuggle with you and make you feel better. The Pho and noodle bowl look so yummy and hooray for pumpkin muffins! I can tell you that I definitely didn't use cane sugar in it, but I don't remember what adjustments I made. Oops, ha! Anyway, yours look amazing and I always freeze mine too! Love having healthy muffins in the freezer to grab for a snack! Oooh I need to roast some cauliflower too!

    1. It is super inspiring, and I actually signed up to walk/run it two(or was three?) years ago, but I was super sick that weekend and have been thinking about it ever since.

      I hope you can experience some great Pho! I find it both medicinal and tasty. I also had a question about cooking in muffin tins as opposed to loaf pan - that combined with ingredients (do tell your alterations once you make them again!), made me weary of using the recipe.

      Hope you're having a great week!

    2. I honestly for the life of me can't remember the changes I made the first time I made them because it was so long ago but I just pulled out the recipe and figured out what I'd change now! lol! I'd get rid of the canola oil and use coconut oil, use coconut sugar instead of the cane sugar and cut it to a half cup. That's an obscene amount of sugar and the banana will sweeten it too so I think you'd be fine cutting it down to a half cup. I'm actually surprised by some of the ingredients considering it is the Skinny Bitch cookbook but I guess moderation?

      What were you wondering about the muffin tins as opposed to the loaf pan? timing?

    3. Awesome, thank you! Yes, it was the timing and the temperature - as I know they change depending on what is being cooked. Or maybe not, as I have no idea! Ha!

    4. You can leave the temp the same and I'd say start checking the muffins at 15-20 minutes. THey definitely won't take an hour! :)

  4. Awesome for yr brother! maybe you two can train together for the next one :) Love the bananas at the finish line.
    The muffins look great as well. It's definitely time to get back into baking, especially pumpkin baked goods! Allergies around here have been rough too. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Yeah, no group training with my bro. I'm super slow, and he can go weeks without running, and wake up to do five. No problem. I always need a gradual build up in distance! I think this was also a bucket list item for him, he might do a marathon and then be done. Guess we'll see!

      Pumpkin baked good are very dangerous. . . :)