Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adventures in Protein

Normally, I'm not too concerned with my protein intake - and I'll continue to not be.  However, when desiring it, my usual go-to protein sources have been the same - and thus, boring.  For the last four days, I have tried to incorporate a different form of protein at lunch or dinner.  Here are the results!
Greens with pepitas and sunflower seeds (Annie's Red Pepper dressing)
Tofu and cremini mushrooms in teriyaki glaze (served with roasted shallots and brussel sprouts)
Amy's Organic French Country Vegetable soup (organic white beans along with all the veggies and rice - this is now my favorite pre-made soup!)
A new flavor of Gardein - Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers.  Also, a new favorite!  Excellent flavor, the smell wafting from the oven was really enticing.  Not to mention, the leftovers reheated well.  I served them with fajita spiced onions and peppers over brown rice.

Overall, I am pleased with this experiment!  I imagine I'll still only make protein a centerpiece a couple times a week. However, I now have a few more ideas, and will continue to try new recipes and products. 

Coming up: October running goals

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5k Training Week 6

The week is off to a slow start - I'm having to rebuild my mileage from slacking off the last two weeks (I blame the weddings).  This week should be 2.75 miles run three times, plus a 2.0 mile day.  Seeing as I am too physically tired to run today, I have to get in most of the mileage over the next four days.  This seems pretty manageable in my mind - sometimes, you've just got to be flexible.  Here's Sunday's run: 
2.25 miles, average pace 14:15.  Pretty effing slow.  Time to light a fire under my feet, and get this knocked out!

Coming up:  Most recent lunch and dinners, experimenting with different proteins

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wedding Weekend #2

This weekend I was a bridesmaid for a friend I've know for 16 years - it was such an honor to be included.  The setting was at a local country club, and the weather was super sunny!
Unfortunately the eats on both Friday and Saturday were not vegan-friendly.  Thus, I ate some bread or nothing at all.  On the way home from the wedding reception (feeling gross from having eaten only some bread throughout the day), I stopped at Whole Foods and ripped through the salad bar.  The reception itself was lovely, and the cake looked beautiful (obviously did not partake in it, but I'm sure it tasted fine).  My dear friend is a nurse, and she married a police officer - check out the cake topper.
So, that's it for weddings - as of now!  My calendar clears up for the rest of year, with only a few events here and there.  I'm excited and ready to get back to normal!

Coming up:  5k training week 6

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photo Food Journal

Black coffee, followed by a spinach, red plum and frozen pineapple smoothie.

Feeling lazy, so I didn't make lunch.  Carrots, broccoli, and snap peas with what was left of the hummus.  Followed by a split pea soup cup.
After work snack, a few handfuls of a local treat:
For dinner - stuffed bell peppers: soy crumbles, brown rice, tomato sauce, celery, tamari, olive oil, and nutritional yeast.  I had a yellow one. . .
Hooray for leftovers!  Now I'm covered for lunch tomorrow. :) 

Coming up: Wedding Weekend #2

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wedding Weekend #1

Yes, there is more than one weekend involving me participating in a wedding.  The first was this weekend, and I have another next weekend (to be named the same, but #2).  Let's talk location: Breckenridge

Friday: rehearsal dinner (I did imbibe a few glasses of white wine during cocktail hour).  I ate the Veggie Pho (which is vegan - hooray!  The salad was not, I made my way through it.  Dessert - apple crumb tart, I had three bites, and felt pretty gross.  Butter does that, I suppose.)
Saturday: the ceremony was to be outside, but it wavered between snow, rain and sunshine for about an hour.  It ended up being indoors, and I performed the reading with slight nerves but it all went well.

I had selected the vegetarian option for dinner which was some kind of marinated portabello mushroom, zucchini, squash, red pepper tower on top of a cheesy-I-don't-know.  I danced around it, and a little on the dance floor (would've needed more wine to dance incessantly).  I did not partake in the cupcake mountain, but in general - I'm not a cupcake gal.

In general, it was a success in terms of adventure, scenery, and eats.  Oh, and the happy couple were pretty fantastic as well.  They are probably more fantastic as they make their way to New Zealand!

Coming up: Photo food journal

Friday, September 16, 2011

Work Out Run Down

The following is completed twice:

800 meter run
75 squats
400 meter run
50 pushups
400 meter run
50 crunches

Running out the door - the first of two weekends in a row, where I am participating in a wedding!  Will share a few pictures on Sunday. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Green Smoothie Update

So today's post was supposed to detail my workout with H, but we rescheduled for Thursday.  Thus, I give you Thursday's post today: an update on my green smoothie consumption.  I've missed three mornings out of the last 15 days, and I can tell you this - when I'm not drinking greens in the morning, I don't feel as well as when I do.  Of course I worry about getting bored with the recipes, but I think I'll try to have one every morning.

This morning's combo included fresh "super greens" (green and red swiss chard, arugula, spinach, and tat soi - not sure what that last one is), fresh pear, dried figs, frozen banana, and a few fresh mint leaves.  Another delicious combo! (It's transported to work in a mason jar so I can sip it slowly.)

I plan on making a few for the weekend - I'm going to be super busy with all the festivities for my cousin's wedding - and I know there won't be many vegan options available.

Coming up: the rescheduled workout with my trainer

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning I visited the largest, busiest local Farmer's Market.  I usually go to one of the smaller ones on Sundays, but decided to mix it up.  Here's what I found and what I have in mind for a menu:

 In my green smoothies:

Add a little fajita spices and combine with some Gardein Chik'n:
And my stand-by, oven roasted in olive oil, chopped garlic, fine sea salt and fresh ground pepper:
Should be some good eats!

Coming up:  Workout Run Down (Trainer)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

5k training Week 5

This week was honestly too draining for me to achieve all of my runs.  And that really chaps my hide.  Work has my brain in overdrive, messing with my sleep patterns, and thus when I really, really want to get out there - my body responds with: "No. Need sleep. Now."

I was talking about this with my therapist this week; I don't like it when my professional self compromises my personal self.  I miss running - it is such a great stress reliever for me!  Thus, we worked on a couple strategies to get it all back in line.  So, with deep regret, I've decided to do another week 5 next week, (because 2 out of 4 runs is only 50% - and that's not acceptable, right?!).  I'll update on the success - I've already decided it'll be successful - next Friday.

Coming up:  Cooking produce from the Farmer's Market

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo Food Journal

Nice cup of black coffee. . .

Today's green smoothie: dandelion greens, blueberries*, banana*, and water.  *Formerly fresh, but put in the freezer for extra chill!  By the way, I should've read up on the dandelion greens - apparently a diuretic and it cleans your liver.  I was making all sorts of sounds gastronomically! Ha! (Stop being gross, it was just tummy rumbling.)
 Mid morning: 2 slices of toasted, dry raisin bread. . .

Lunch looked more like a snack, but nonetheless here it is (that's garlic chive hummus in the small container)

Not pictured:  a lot of pretzels consumed in the car after work on the way to meeting my trainer for a workout.
Dinner was an experiment; I wanted to make a quick creamy pesto sauce and pair it with the gluten free pasta that had been sitting in my cupboard for two months.

Sauteed sliced tomato, added three heaping tablespoons of pesto, and two normal tablespoons of tofutti.  Mixed with pasta, and. . .

It was decent enough.  I'll probably have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
And for the grand finale - my Havanese / Bichon boy, Remy, to help make all things adorable. (He was not eaten, but does provide excellent dinner conversation.)

Coming up:  5k training week 5

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Green Smoothie Adventures

Last weekend, I purchased a green smoothie recipe / info book at the slowly dying Borders book store on the other side of town.  My reasoning stands as this: 1. it was 60% off  2. might as well learn to make my own  3.  I've grown bored with Odwalla and Naked's version.

Needless to say, I've learned a lot about smoothie-making.  For example, only spinach breaks down in my blender - the other greens stay chunky.  Thus, I'll be experimenting with some cheese cloth straining - most likely tomorrow.  Also, all of these fruit combinations with kale, red leaf lettuce, etc. are amazing!  Some of the recipes this past week (today is day six of starting my day with a smoothie) include: pear, fig, kale and water; orange juice, strawberries, blueberries, and spinach; banana, fig, and red leaf lettuce.

Today, I did a variation of my current favorite but used red plums in place of pears (which I used up already):

Fresh spinach, two fresh red plums, frozen pineapple and frozen banana (both were purchased fresh, then later frozen by me).  Lots of cold water!

Into the mason jars for easy accessibility:

WOW! Obviously the spinach, pineapple, banana and _______ is the best combo.  When I had the aforementioned with pear, I thought, "this is it - I could have this everyday.  Forever."  But, now we have a problem - the same combo with red plum - tastes like Sweetarts candy.  Which is hilarious, because I'm not a candy person - but I remember having them (like 10 years ago) - and that's the flavor!

However, when reading this book it mentioned not drinking the same green everyday due to alkaloid issues.  Thus, I'll be rotating in other greens and experimenting with other recipes.  Regardless of what happens, this one (or the pear version) will make an appearance twice a week - I'm sure!

P.S.  Why am I drinking this?  If one sips slowly a green smoothie each morning, one will receive the optimal amount of nutrients and aid digestion throughout the day.  Not to mention, it's delicious!

Coming up:  Photo Food Journal