Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Month of Busy

Here we are, four days into the busiest month of the school year, second only to May. I snapped pictures Thursday through today, take a look...
Lunch on both Thursday and Friday: Asian Chopped Salad and an apple.
Incredible temperatures at the end of the week, beautiful skies during Remy's walks after work.
Tried this White Rose Kombucha, and found it did not taste like rose, and it also didn't taste like Kombucha.
Sunday morning pancakes.
Three days of lunches prepped. Millet ramen noodles, TJ's stir fry, and Wok Me Up tofu win Teriyaki sauce. 

Other updates: Grandma from Kansas has been in town, and her spirits are much improved. She has said that she is "giving herself permission to live", with more good days than bad days when she thinks of Grandpa.  This afternoon at the art museum, she was so talkative, she engaged with strangers! I won't see her again until Thanksgiving, as I have a six day work week - starting tomorrow (8 hour training on Saturday).  Hoping to squeeze in a few workouts, too. See you soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Enchiladas Attempted

I know now what to do differently (stack like a lasagna, do not roll corn tortillas), but here is what happened on Sunday:

 Easy enough sauce recipe, but very laborious in terms of peeling and de-seeding the roasted chilies.
 Filling: kale, mushrooms, and Beyond Beef.
 Prepared sauce (I put it through the blender for 10 seconds, as I like smooth with only a little chunk in my green chile), and prepared filling (sauteed in veggie broth).  Corn tortillas.  Assembled, and baked.
 The issue was the corn tortillas completely fell apart once removed from the pan.  Nonetheless, it created four servings (Sunday night, plus Mon-Wed lunches).
I want a "do-over" but with red sauce and stacked vegetables.  When that happens (maybe next week), I'll report back.  See you on Thursday!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Caught Up

The work week persists in kicking my butt.  I might need to switch my weekday posts from Tuesday/Thursday to Wednesday only or a combo of the two.  Tuesdays have become my long day, and the day seems to end around 9pm.  Happily, we had a four day week last week - but I worked for six and a half hours on Friday from home.  As gross of a day off as that sounds - I've had a "normal" weekend, doing no work yesterday and today!

Last Sunday, I talked about a Spanish Rice inspired work lunch and here's how it looked:
I made a Banana Frosty from Happy Herbivore (it was too much - I'll use only one frozen banana instead of one and a half next time!)
During my Friday workday at home, Frankie came over as his human had a long on-call shift.  He and Remy had to entertain themselves while I wrote lessons on the computer.
Whole Foods cold bar and juice bar:
Saturday morning Farmer's Market purchases: roasted Hatch chiles (I'm making enchiladas today for work lunches! Will show results soon), and huge sweet potatoes.
It came to my attention late yesterday that it was National Pancake Day.  I made up for it this morning:
I think now you are all caught up on my life! The next three weeks are very full (family in town, six day work week as we are required to attend 8 hour training on a Saturday, two 12 hour days for parent/teacher conferences...), but then life calms down until the holidays.  I'll be here when I can, but I'll be sure to take pictures randomly in case we need another catch up post!  Hope you're having a great weekend!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

In a Flash

This weekend has absolutely flown by - way too fast! Yesterday I played catch up around the house and visited with friends. I put in seven hours of lessons and essay feedback today.  So, where was my weekend? A few photos for you...
My cousin and her 10 month old daughter met up with me yesterday for some chit chat and giggles.  She brought home some table arrangements from an event she worked, and gave me one. Gorgeous!
Autumn has officially arrived in the breakfast aisle.  The Puffins are strictly for snacking, and the oatmeal will go to my work cabinet for "missing breakfast" mornings.
The next two titles I'm teaching, and the hours of grading in that folder.  Rigorous lessons on the computer.
I found a recipe for Spanish rice, and decided to make it into a meal by adding soy crumbles and kale. Tune in this week to see the results!

Thanks to my extra workday this weekend, I hope to stay above water this week.  October is ridiculous, so I need to try and enjoy the rest of September...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Recent Items

I've been so busy, trying to keep up has been challenging! Here a few things from recent days...
 Officially the last peaches of summer (the grower told me this past weekend was it!), and some of their jam.

Native Foods Deli Reuben
 Sarah - I looked it up, and the Mocha and Coconut Almond are exclusive to Whole Foods! I'll try them when on sale...
 Shen - wouldya look at that?! Autumn Wheat and Almond Milk.  Your VA breakfast regular.
I'm starting to fall into the rabbit hole, but if I'm near the surface - I'll post on Thursday.  Hope all is well!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Winging it in the Kitchen

It's all different today! I started with Vega Vanilla, added a frozen banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, and almond milk.  Interesting, but not going into regular smoothie rotation.
Last night, I was short on time and ingredients, so I winged it - baked potato and zucchini fritters. Served with ketchup. Not my best, but good enough I'll the rest tomorrow. Followed by a peach.
TJ influenced dinner, with Crispy Chickenless Tenders and BBQ sauce.  I again winged it and tried to make a peanut dressing with TJ's Organic Valencia Pb, ACV, water, Sriracha, and agave. I toss some kale in it, and called it a salad.  With a little more tweaking to the recipe, I could see myself making it again.
Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm happy about it! Ha! See you this weekend...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey Tuesday

Nothing better than a four day work week, am I right?! (Outside of summer break, naturally, which is always superior!)  It started with a strawberry, banana, Vega Vanilla and water smoothie:
Followed by Jaali Bean Creamy Coconut Lentils and Rice with steamed kale for lunch:
Delicious end of summer peach:
Baked beans and corn on cob for dinner:
See you on Thursday!