Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Getting in the Spirit

I'd say I'm on my way! I'd also say that I deleted my picture of lunch, so I will have tell you all about it (don't worry, I'm having it for lunch on Thursday as well - so there will be a picture!).

First, breakfast at work before administering my first final exam of the day:
 Lunch (while listening to the Classic Christmas station on Spotify, pictured above): Tomato Coconut Curry Soup and my homemade version of Quinoa Pilaf with Cranberries and Almonds, sourdough roll.

Green grapes and a 45 minute spin class.

Dinner involved the noodles from this:
 Trying out this sauce:
 Dry fried tofu, stir fry veggies... and mixed with the above items into this:
Here's the thing: I keep thinking I can make up recipes, and the truth is: I can't. Ha ha! It was alright, but I won't make it again. 

See you on Thursday!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Recently Eaten and Seen

It has been two weeks since the start of month, and with it two weekends in Kansas.  Week days I've tried to catch up, but seem to always be behind! Everything is well as can be expected.  It's sad that it hasn't felt like the holidays in the slightest, but I'm hoping to "join in" the holiday spirit this week. I have managed to snap some pics throughout these weeks, so here's what I have to share:
 Happy Herbivore Meatloaf Bites (made with mashed kidney beans), greens and pepitas.
 Fantastic cookies courtesy of Sarah!
 Lunches like these happened pretty frequently. The result of no weekend time for cooking!

For my dad's birthday, we went to Garbanzo where I made two meals out of this plate.

Terra, almost asleep at my grandmother's apartment.
 Remy, at home, expressing his exhaustion at hours in the car and many people petting him. It's a tough life.
 Yesterday, we were in Kansas for my cousin's wedding reception (and also, checking on grandma).  My aunt made homemade centerpieces using the greens from the trees behind the farmhouse.
 It was held at the local museum site, where they have moved many historic buildings you can wander around, including this early 19th century dance hall.  The screen you see below featured advertisers from the area, and behind this screen a young Lawrence Welk played with his band on stage.
 The original dance hall doors, still in use:
 Also on the property: one room school house, an old church, replica store buildings, and the original jailhouse:

The first week in December, I worked out twice.  Last week, three times.  This week - I plan for four. I am slowly moving towards normal, and the students are taking finals this week - which means all I have to do is grade exams.  And Christmas shop.  And laundry, and cook, and give Remy a bath.... Aaaah! See you on Tuesday.  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

At Peace

It has been a long week for our family.  On Monday, my grandfather fell at his home in Kansas, and needed to have his femur glued and pinned - he was sent to the hospital where they did just that.  What we didn't realize at the time, was that he hit his head on the way down.  Thanksgiving evening, we received the phone call: "it's a brain bleed, he only has a few hours."  We cried, we prayed, we spoke to him on the phone (my uncle held the phone up to his ear), and said our goodbyes.
 I am getting through the grieving process knowing that he is no longer hurting, and must be so happy to see all those that left before him, as they walk through endless fields of perfect wheat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blustery Eats

It's crazy windy outside, and has been all day.  I've combated the elements with filling and good for me (kinda!) food.
 Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

A quick trip to Trader Joe's yielded a lunch...
 Which I took with me and ate in the car after Cycle/Yoga class.  
A friend had asked to meet up at Starbucks not far from where I had class, and wouldn't have enough time to run home between the two events. (Hot green tea, not pictured.)

I have been trying to maintain a lot of my habits from the cleanse, and that includes thinking of food as fuel and leaving out carbs from dinner when possible (as they give us energy, and if I'm not active in the evening, I shouldn't eat them).  However, the occasional exception included this evening and I don't regret it:

Tomorrow I will be extra good, considering that Thursday will be all carbs, all day, every meal. ;)  See you on Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here Comes the Holiday

My Thanksgiving Break started a little early on Friday, as I ran out of the building after teaching my last class to scoop up my grandparents from the hospital (my mother had deposited Grandma there in the morning before she went to work).  Grandpa, although weak and still needing rehabilitation, was discharged that afternoon.
My brother came over to my parents house Friday evening, and we spent time enjoying each other's company outside of a hospital room.  Midday Saturday, my parents drove the grandparents halfway to Kansas, where they were met by my aunt and uncle who took them the rest of the way home.  

The rest of the weekend has consisted of workouts, holiday prep, and relaxing.  First, the workouts: 45 minute spin classes both yesterday and today.  Prep: braving Whole Foods and all things pumpkin.
 My mother and I planned the Thanksgiving menu, and I thought I'd try the Gardein version this year.

Since I had strong armed a parking spot, I picked up lunch as well:
 I've already had pie: 
 Per Shen's recommendation: I made pumpkin pancakes this morning for breakfast.
 And the theme continued this evening, as I just finished sipping on a pumpkin pie smoothie.
Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in and have pumpkin pie baked oatmeal, followed by an hour long Cycle & HIIT class.  And more relaxing.  I've thought about grading/planning lessons... but no. None of that.  ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

On the Move

On days that I am running behind (ahem, like today), I have a stash of oatmeal hiding in my cabinet.
 Breakfast solved:
 I did it! I finished off the soup I made weeks ago. 
I don't want to see another lentil for at least a month.

Picked up dinner from Whole Foods after another tough 45 minute spin class.
Mexican Food: red chile, yellow rice, green chile, black beans, and a flour tortilla.  

Grandpa is being released tomorrow morning, and they want to go home on Saturday (someone will drive them halfway, and my uncle who lives in their small town will meet them).  My mother has really bore the burden of taking care of my Grandmother during these last weeks, so hopefully she can relax next week as we have a quiet Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Vega French Vanilla and water, editorial cartoon example in the background (for American Lit classes - they are writing an editorial and creating a correlating cartoon).
 I'll be eating this two more times:
 Sunday's Aloo Matar.

Finally finishing off my bell pepper, onion, and fajita seasoning.  I still have corn tortillas (why did I buy a bag of 36? I am but one woman!)
Grandpa is doing well, and should be out by the end of the week! I didn't see him today, but will tomorrow.  I'm hoping they will be willing to stay in town through Thanksgiving, but they might ask to go home when he is released. *sigh*

Also, my friend was able to secure an affordable(ish) monthly rate at the new studio! I've already signed up for a bunch of classes! (Work/trade is always an option should it get unaffordable, but I just can't commit myself to anything right now.  But perhaps in the future, so I can save $$$).