Thursday, April 17, 2014


The last waffle in the box, met its end.

The Green Owl best emotes my energy level for the day.

I began eating lunch, only to realize that I'd forgotten to photograph it.

 The last of the early season strawberries were a little soft.

I had a house repair that needed assistance, so my parents came over to help.  We ended the evening with Chipotle. 

And now, an exclamation: see you soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eclipse Effects

Why, yes, I did get up in the middle of the night.  I love astronomy, and seeing the Blood Moon had to happen!  As I don't own a camera with proper lenses, I'm borrowing this one from NASA:

I was outside before the full eclipse, so there was a sliver of silver still left.  It makes me think that our ancient ancestors must have had full nervous breakdowns when seeing something like this!  I completely geeked out the science teachers today talking about it.

The main effects of my viewing were most felt this morning, when I snoozed for 20 minutes, and I'm still tired. Ha! It was worth it, and I'll go to bed early tonight.  However, I ran out of time this morning and did not take of breakfast (pb banana toast).

I ran out at lunch to pick up a BBQ Gardein Chik'n Wrap with Garden Salad and Balsamic.

Shen, I ate the olives and thought of you. ;)

Vinyasa Flow right after school.  All hips, all the time: standing splits, half splits, full splits (or rather, whatever we can do). Also, lots of twists - which is good for detoxing.

It's back to curly kale after two weeks of lacinato. Steamed and served with Happy Herbivore's Mushroom Gravy and cornbread.

Did you see the eclipse? I'm hoping when it happens again in October, it's on a weekend...

See you Thursday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Light It Up

Another beautiful day, and lots of natural light photos:

I should have left the dressing on side, but I mixed it in before going to work.  Thus, lunch was a tad wilted.

As I didn't go to a yoga class on Tuesday, I went to a Vinyasa Flow class this afternoon.  Lots of standing poses, and ironically both of the poses I showed you on Tuesday (Lizard and Wide Legged Forward Fold).  My hips are open! Ha!

Post workout snack

Avocado Pasta for dinner:

Time to break out the sunscreen - tomorrow our students are participating in an outdoor community service project with Parks & Rec (debris removal, planting flowers, et al) all morning, and it's going to be 75 degrees.  Don't get jealous - it's supposed to snow on Sunday... 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Full Swing

Preface: I missed writing up a post this weekend due to being overly busy; I made a wish for more time before returning to work from the MVF (Magic Vegan Fairy) but she was on holiday. 

Back to class, and back to what's available in the kitchen for meals:

That was the end of last week's curry, so you won't have to see it again!

It was almost 70 degrees today, a light breeze, and lots of sunshine.  A kind of day that begs one to lay in the grass, and not go to yoga inside of a studio.  So that's what I did after work, and this guy loved every minute.
Blue sky and mountains in the background.  Not bad for the city park that used to be a cemetery - I'm sure you recall I've mentioned it before.  ;)

I did practice yoga at home for about 25 minutes afterwards, as I knew how tight my right hip had been feeling. I did two rounds of moon salutation  (it is used less frequently than sun salutations, but I love it!) followed by hip opening poses:
Moon Salutation

A couple of the hip openers I did:

Dinner via Whole Foods:
Oh hello, peanut dressing...(Vietnamese Noodle Salad with Tofu)

Time for bed! Good night!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


All morning, this was happening:
 The metro area had 4-8 inches fall, power lines down, and nearly two feet in the mountains. Thus, any plans for a hike are squashed for tomorrow (I did know this was a possibility, so it's not a total surprise).  By the afternoon, it had warmed up and the sun was shining - but there is still plenty of snow on grassy areas. 

Tofu Scramble (with TJ's Vegan Cream Cheese, Spinach, and spices), wheat toast.

Lunch: leftovers from Experiment #3

After spending my ENTIRE AFTERNOON waiting on car emissions testing and sitting at the DMV for renewal tags, I had a snack:
 (I should note that the emissions took most of the time, the DMV blessed me with a short wait!)

Dinner: Experiment #4.  I have been thinking about a warm salad for a while.  I chopped up lacinato kale, and combined it with brussel sprouts, steaming them (whilst also cooking asparagus in shallow water).  I made this creamy poppyseed dressing, and tossed the kale and sprouts in it while still warm.  Topped with sliced almonds and dried cranberries. (Successful experiment!)
I might have one or two more kitchen experiments left in me, but I'm not sure. You'll see them, if it happens! My to-do list is mostly complete, only two really big tasks left (one of which is doing my taxes).  I am so sad this week is nearly over! *whimpers*

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Double the Fun

Truth be told, I have yet to attend to my to-do list.  I've been busy running errands, and spending time at the studio. However, I have to be productive tomorrow or else I'll fall behind!

Classes: Restorative Yoga (Sunday) - I'll go again when I have a lot of stress in my life, but it's not a class to regularly attend.  YogaCycle (Monday) - sprint ladders the entire spin class (15 seconds on/off, 30 seconds on/off, 45 seconds on/off, 30 seconds on/off, 15 seconds on/off....repeat 4 times with a two minute break in the middle), fantastic yoga sequence to cool down.  Vinyasa Flow (Today) - dare I say it? Not as hard as I expected.  This teacher usually kills me, but it felt like she made it an easier class.

Monday eats:
TJ's Oats baked with fresh blueberries.

Pre-workout snack

Appetite for Reduction's Pasta Con Broccoli

Experiment #1: Tofurky Kielbasa, Yellow Onion, Lacinato Kale with spices and nooch. Served with a yam which was oven roasted with maple syrup and sea salt.  Awesome combo of spicy, savory, and sweet.  (Successful  experiment)

Tuesday eats:
Experiment #2: Restaurant style Grits & Scramble Bowl.  Grits I made too thick, and the scramble needed some spinach. I did put the Daiya Cream Cheese in it, and gets an "okay" vote in my book.  (Semi-Successful experiment)

Same lunch as Monday.

Experiment #3: Homemade Curry Bowl.  Used this recipe for a coconut curry sauce, with frozen veggies over TJ's Organic Jasmine Rice.  The sauce needs to be thicker, but the taste was good enough.  Next time, I might add some tofu. (Semi-Successful Experiment).

Lastly, for your viewing pleasure: walked around a lake this morning 
 And this guy went to the Groomer's...

I'll be back on Thursday with more Spring Break activity! Now, it's back to the beach laundry...

P.S. According to what I've been told, Terra is functioning at about 80%.  She's still on the anti-inflammatory meds, so it's hard to tell.  Thank you for all of your continued well wishes!